The evolution of Veritas: our customer story, re-crafted


Many of us maintain an assortment of personal mementos, including collections of photographs captured over the course of a lifetime. Each photo likely holds a story, acting as a visual representation of a memory. And recalling those memories, at some point you’ve probably noted, “I believe I have a picture of that, somewhere…”

Protecting our most valuable assets

As technology has evolved, physical photo albums have given way to online repositories; in an effort to consolidate, protect, and share our images, many of us have digitized and stored collections in cloud-based libraries. But even with improved technologies, finding a picture in this amalgamation of media isn’t always easy.

Today, we have a range of advanced tools to assist in the assessment and management of our image files, including categorization features using file metadata, and even facial recognition capabilities.

Notably, the challenges described above are also felt in a company’s data center, representing areas addressed by Veritas’ suite of solutions, including:

  • Protecting data at scale, through improved performance: Like protecting physical photo albums from damage (your organization’s legacy workloads) and backing up the digital ones to external media (its modern workloads), Veritas has been offering market-leading data protection to its customers for decades. Whether in your data center or in the cloud, Veritas has a solution to protect your organization’s data.
  • Accelerating cloud adoption: Like scanning your physical pictures to digital files and moving them between your computer and the cloud, Veritas offers a solution to help customers migrate their workloads to, from, and between clouds, protecting SaaS applications’ data and leveraging the cloud for cost optimization.
  • Reducing storage growth and costs: Like cleaning up your photo albums to only scan those that are most meaningful, then sorting through your digital images using metadata. You can even remove duplicates and delete bad shots before moving them to an online storage service. In a similar fashion, Veritas helps customers classify and visualize their data, providing policy-based archiving paired with low-cost, software-defined secondary storage.
  • Simplifying data governance: Most of us have photos we’d prefer never again see the light of day. Searching your image repository to discard fashion disasters or past party snafus can save you from embarrassment. Veritas provides customers visibility across their organization’s data – 50%+ of data is considered dark/unclassified – classifying unstructured data, providing eDiscovery for litigation support, and even preparing for GDPR or other compliance regulations.

Like your personal images and your organization’s data, you’re ideally prepared to catalogue, manage, and protect the collection if you understand its details. Veritas can do that, providing modern data protection products and solutions to help your business dynamically manage its data, no matter the environment. This is Veritas.


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This story telling is very compelling and resignates with anyone.  Very nicely written Nicolas!