The modernization of Public Sector IT: Veritas leads the way

It’s been four months since I joined Veritas from the US Department of Agriculture. I served in many positions at USDA over the years, mostly notably as its Chief Information Officer. My time as CIO taught me running a complex IT organization can’t be done alone; it requires strong partnerships internally and externally with reliable companies like Veritas. Roman_Pillars_Gov-building.jpg

I joined Veritas because of its unique positioning in the market – Veritas capabilities sit uniquely at the nexus of IT Modernization and Digital Transformation. Between the Report to the President on IT Modernization, establishment of the IT Modernization Fund, and creation of a Federal Data Strategy in the President's Management Agenda, IT leaders are at the forefront of change in our country. We have a unique opportunity to improve the citizen experience, strengthen our national security, and restore trust in government through technology and data.

Veritas’ commitment to serving our customers was evident to me on my first day. Since I’ve come on board, I’ve been able to see firsthand how Veritas energizes the missions of organizations across Public Sector, not just in my prior Federal environment. From State, and Local governments to Healthcare and Educational Institutions, data is protected and managed using Veritas solutions every day to generate great outcomes.

I’ve had a number of opportunities to share our message about the importance of data protection in the age of the multi-cloud. Since I’ve started, I’ve been interviewed in various forums, including Government Matters and the Federal Executive Forum and been quoted in number articles related to my role at Veritas.

I find that our message is received extremely well. It’s the most fundamental concepts in IT; your organization has data, so it needs a copy of the data in case something bad happens. Why not make those copies in a way that gives your organization the most flexibility possible? I believe this core of this message resonates at all levels of IT, from the CIO to the Backup Admin.

Today is a time like never before in Public Sector IT. Organizations of all types are finally at the point where IT Modernization is a reality. The role of industry leading companies, like Veritas, in digital transformations cannot be understated. I’m excited to be here at Veritas – a part of the data-driven journey before us.

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