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The power of insights

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Insight is defined as “the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.” However, in today’s world where we are confronted daily with enormous data growth and data sprawl, a little bit of help is sometimes needed to support our intuition on the value of data and the risks it might carry.

We are excited to announce our new Insights offerings in support of your organization’s data management and IT Infrastructure needs.

Due to new stringent privacy regulations, growing data sprawl, constant threats, and malicious attacks on data, the need to be more proactive about data management is growing. At the same time, we are faced with highly virtualized, complex IT infrastructures and the draw to embrace public clouds. Add on top of this a constant pressure around cost, risk, and compliance.

All of us understand it is difficult to unlock value from data while managing the associated risks. In a recent study Veritas conducted with Vanson Bourne, we discovered 58% of organizations say the complexity of their data footprint limits their ability to realize the value of their data.

At Veritas, we’ve been tackling the challenges of data management for a long time. Our archiving solution, Enterprise Vault, is the market share leader, and our cloud archiving and eDiscovery offerings are being embraced by many Fortune 500 companies.

Our vision is to provide insights into data and infrastructure that allow you to be more proactive managing data and the associated infrastructure. This is why Veritas recently acquired APTARE and its flagship product APTARE IT Analytics™,and it is also why we are launching Information Studio.

Let’s take a quick look at what these two unique products bring to the table.

Regain control over your infrastructure with APTARE IT Analytics
APTARE IT Analytics allows our customers to proactively understand and react to potential data management infrastructure challenges. Its correlation and analytics engine provides a single view across all aspects of data protection, virtualization, storage and cloud. It analyzes data from any backup, any storage and any cloud environment. Users can now visualize an entire data protection and storage environment both on-premises and in the cloud.

Let me provide an example from the data protection world. Correlating data from storage and backup environments, we can predict imminent failures such as disk pool outages prior to the initiation of a backup job. Put simply, APTARE proactively informs you about backup risks before they occur. We provide predictive analytics to solve fundamental business issues such as inefficiencies across your global storage environment and illumination of over-protected backup environments. The collection, correlation and visualization of over 30,000 IT metrics is the basis for our platform. This capability provides tremendous value and supports any backup platform, not just Veritas NetBackup™.

Now you understand why we are so excited about the possibilities APTARE offers to our customers.

Regain control over your data with Information Studio
Let’s move on to our second new offering, Veritas Information Studio. The Insights piece of the Veritas portfolio is all about gaining better visibility into data—not just how much of it or where it exists, but the value of that data.Rather than disposing of data when it’s no longer needed, organizations tend to maintain everything. Or the most valuable data is often buried or hidden—and there is no easy way to identify it.
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But the exponential growth rate of data and the constantly evolving regulatory and privacy requirements across the globe are changing that picture. It is becoming critical for organizations to know the value and the risks buried in their data. They need to shift their thinking from the old model of just moving all data to cheaper storage media, like disk, tape, or off-site storage, to a new paradigm.

Not all data is created equal. Corporate servers host a wide variety of data ranging from crazy cat videos to social security numbers, and everything in between. To address these issues and to better understand the risk of their data, organizations are either manually sifting through data to find the information needed or avoiding the problem altogether. But neither option provides the agility and visibility they will need to meet the new regulatory and compliance requirements of 2020 and beyond.

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Enter Veritas Information Studio
Information Studio goes beyond data visualization to enable classification, understanding and action on your data. It offers connectors to many different content sources, both in the cloud and on-premises, including AWS, Google Drive, Azure, OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, NetBackup and many others. It provides a comprehensive view of your data—showing file attributes such as ownership, access, age and location—all on a single dashboard.

Information Studio provides an organized view of unstructured data. Our classification engine supports 700+ preconfigured patterns like personally identifiable information (PII) as well as over 110 policies. The list of global regulations is constantly growing, and so is our list of policies and patterns. For example, we help you out-of-the-box to understand your risk in complying with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Finally, you have a tool that allows you to determine where PII, confidential, business-critical and stale/orphaned data resides. You can then make informed decisions on that data and take action: migrate it to the cloud, move it to a different storage tier, archive it to Veritas Enterprise Vault or simply dispose of it. It’s an important part of every organization’s digital compliance strategy.

We are excited about the new possibilities APTARE IT Analytics and Information Studio offer our customers. They are meaningful steps forward in supporting our vision to provide a more proactive approach to data management—enabling our customers to gain value out of data while mitigating risk.