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Veritas Resiliency Platform 3.4—accelerating hybrid- and multi-cloud IT resilience

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vrp-dashboard.pngIn today’s digital era, IT resilience is compulsory. A few months ago, we announced the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform that abstracts underlying complexity in enterprise IT while addressing three keys areas—Availability, Protection and Insights. Today, I’m proud to announce the release of Veritas Resiliency Platform 3.4, an integral solution across our Availability and Protection pillars that helps organizations ensure 24x7 availability for their business-critical applications and data.

I speak to organizations across the globe every day and so many of them still use manual disaster recovery procedures and point tools. But that’s neither tenable nor scalable. As business expectations change in the digital marketplace, there is a clear need for resiliency to be a top priority—and for businesses to transform manual processes to automated resilience.

Veritas Resiliency Platform is the only multi-cloud IT resiliency solution that recovers applications across different cloud providers, hypervisors, operating systems, and storage arrays. It provides near-zero recovery of any sourced workload residing on physical and virtual infrastructures. It also gets your business back online faster by sequentially shutting down and migrating dependent services to the target environment, then recovering them in the correct sequence. The key to Veritas Resiliency Platform is automation and orchestration that systematizes migrations, rehearsals, and evacuation plans across heterogeneous on-premise and cloud environments.

Large and small organizations use Veritas Resiliency Platform to ensure resiliency across physical data centers, hybrid, and multi-clouds. Renault, for example, uses Resiliency Platform in combination with Veritas NetBackup and Veritas InfoScale to drive high-availability for their critical SAP system supporting 8,000 users and operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

The latest release includes –

  • Unified backup and resiliency to Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering fully-automated disaster recovery to AWS for Veritas NetBackup customers using existing NetBackup CloudCatalyst backup copies.
  • Automated disaster recovery for physical servers across on-premises and cloud. This helps you significantly minimize physical infrastructure required for business continuity.
  • Automated bulk recovery of NetBackup Instant Access VMs to disaster recovery site gives you a near-zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by using your NetBackup Instant Access VMs for disaster recovery.
  • AWS Gov cloud support, letting you take advantage of hybrid Gov cloud for disaster recovery and maintain higher-level of compliance, if you are in the federal government or public sector.

If you are using NetBackup for data protection across your environment, our extended resiliency capabilities for NetBackup accelerates your cloud journey and helps you meet critical Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by achieving near zero RTOs. And our disaster recovery support for physical application to on-premises VMware and to clouds like AWS is truly unique, helping you significantly lower CapEx costs on your disaster recovery site.

As you transform in an increasingly digital world, you want to protect what matters most in your organization's IT world: your applications and data. Veritas Resiliency Platform 3.4 has you covered! Stay tuned on VOX over the next few weeks for a deeper dive into these new features.