Veritas SVP, Michael Cremen, for IT Masters Mag: "We are going to invest in Mexico"

Veritas Senior Vice President of Americas Sales, Michael Cremen.Veritas Senior Vice President of Americas Sales, Michael Cremen.

Over the last two years, Veritas Technologies has focused on fostering the drive to innovate among employees across the company’s global offices – an effort vital to ensuring we continue as an industry leader in data management. In a recent interview with IT Masters Mag, Veritas Senior Vice President of Americas Sales, Michael Cremen, discussed the company’s dedication to the Latin America region, with the focal point of Mexico.

“The time has come to look outwards.”

In February, Veritas’ Mexico subsidiary was visited by Michael Cremen, who joined staff “feeling enthusiastic about local expectations.” After talking with customers and partners, he confirmed Veritas will expand its investment in local talent, “with Mexico representing our leading country of focus in the region.”

“Customers are focused on expanding their data strategy. They recognize that it is a critical asset, not only operative, to free resources over time,” Michael explained of interest in increasing the value of Veritas regional alliances.

Speaking of collaborative efforts with Pedro Saenger, Veritas Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Cremen explained, “Mexico is the place where Saenger and I believe we should invest more, understand the market better, talk to customers and distributors. This visit helps us to have more information to define the course in our next fiscal year.”

Latin America represents not only the promise of growth, but also innovation, “with customers who like to push the limits,” noted Cremen, going on to say, “We are going to invest in people, to expand the team, to strengthen alliances. We have already carefully chosen Agustin Palacios as Country Manager, who is obsessed with the success of the customers. We will support him by expanding the talent.”

Cremen emphasized Veritas’ Latin America partnerships, highlighting the company’s dedication to fortifying relationships “with companies such as Pure Storage, Nutanix or Microsoft, among others,” who are “very relevant in this market,” concluding positively, “When I return and tell my CEO how the trip was, I'll tell him we've never been so relevant to a market – we are winning in this region.”