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Veritas and VMworld 2020

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VMware’s VMworld 2020 took place last week and due to the pandemic, it was of course virtual. This virtual setting meant few opportunities for direct socialization like VMworld's of years past, but the other side of the coin is that more technologists were able to take part this year than ever. Whereas normally VMworld attracts over 20,000 attendees, this year the conference had over 120,000 registrations. This larger virtual stage was the perfect setting for VMware to reaffirm its priorities in five key categories:  

  • App Modernization 
  • Multi-Cloud 
  • Digital Workspace 
  • Virtual Cloud Networking 
  • Intrinsic Security 

VMWorld Recap Blog.png

Focusing a broad platform into specific pillars is something Veritas is familiar with as our own Enterprise Data Services Platform is built on the three pillars of Availability, Protection, and Insights. VMware and Veritas are both taking software-defined platform approaches to the challenges of today and while there is some interoperability with all five of the key drivers for VMware the pillars of App Modernization, Multi-Cloud, and Intrinsic Security are where our technologies and priorities meet most strongly.  

App Modernization: 

VMware made a powerful statement at VMworld, “dev/ops” doesn’t mean dev spending cycles on ops, quite the opposite, make ops so easy to interact with that devs are free to do what they enjoy and are good atdeveloping. In practice, this is brought to life by a common management plane for virtual servers and containers both on-prem and in the cloud. It isn’t just that the experience is the same but importantly that this platform moves ops from ticket driven to API driven. Similarly, Veritas has been abstracting the availability of systems for physical or virtual servers and stateful data created by containers. This availability can be orchestrated via workflows ensuring that when new environments are added, or existing ones grow your availability solutions grow alongside them.  


VMware has continued to highlight the ever-growing landscape of multi-cloud, indeed at this point, VMware is firmly part of that landscape. An on-prem cloud is just one of the many clouds that might be leveraged throughout a digital estate. This shift in how we think about our infrastructure helps to unlock the power of running our workloads where it makes sense either due to cost, performance, or any other consideration that might be important to an enterprise. This helps to eliminate the challenge that naturally arose from silos for each workload depending on where it ran. VMware promises common compute, network, and security across the multi-cloud breaking down these silos. Veritas also breaks down these silos with a focus on common data protection whether your workload is cloud-native or traditional. Moving into multiple cloud solutions from disparate vendors need not mean retraining a workforce for each new provider, VMware and Veritas solutions both provide unified solutions for these siloed challenges, Veritas provides another layer of flexibility in that we can ensure resiliency and high-availability regardless of how an app is written (bare-metal, virtualize, cloud-native) or where it sits (on-prem, AWS, VMC, GCP, etc.), and enables movement between. 

Intrinsic Security: 

2020 saw the shift to cloud hit massive acceleration as the pandemic created two key challenges: the largest migration to work from home ever seen which created a need for new networking, security, and storage resources, coupled with shutdowns that prevented most organizations from physically accessing their data centers reliably to implement the added infrastructure needed. These two factors were gasoline on the fire that was already driving many to the cloud. However, while platforms from the public cloud providers and VMware eased the transition of workloads and storage for the data generated, comprehensive solutions for data resiliency have not kept pace. This is because traditionally data resiliency has often been siloed itself, with many departments managing their own solutions for data protection, availability, and insights that help keep systems resilient when under attack by bad actors like is the case with ransomware. The Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform spans the entire multi-cloud spanning our data resiliency solutions over all possible silos and providing confidence that even as everything changes around us, your data is covered. VMware excels at the prevention of attacks from ever impacting your multi-cloud environments, and Veritas ensures rapid recoverability as a last line of defense if the environment is breached.  

Veritas and VMware 2020 + 
Veritas and VMware have been working together to solve IT challenges for over 18 years. We work closely as design partners with Project Pacific and look forward to the challenges and opportunities introduced by Project Monterey! More than just the willingness to work together, Veritas and VMware have the same software-defined DNA that positions them perfectly to tackle the challenges of the multi-cloud and ensure the promise of today’s technologies are fulfilled. Stay tuned for exciting new technologies from Veritas and VMware over the course of the next year and beyond.