Viva Veritas!

So much as happened in the past few months. While our products have long led in the information management arena, the new Veritas is only six months old as an independent company. What lies ahead of us is nothing short of an incredible opportunity that will impact our customers, partners, and employees. Our journey is just beginning and our timing could not be better.

The world is experiencing an explosion of data and complexity the likes of which has never been seen before.

Today, organizations across the globe continue to face challenges around managing new information — about their company’s financials, employees, customers, and much more. This complexity is amplified as organizations diversify their IT infrastructures across cloud, virtual and physical environments, increasing protection and visibility challenges. All of the information they use to run their business needs to be managed and secured, and no one is better positioned to tackle the challenge than Veritas.

What’s more, in a digital economy information is more critical than ever to a company’s success, but rapid shifts in technology make managing all this information increasingly difficult for customers.

The need to protect and discover that information has never been greater, which is why customers need Veritas. Technology.pngRapid shifts in technology make managing a company’s information increasingly complex and difficult for customers – and Veritas has the right solutions for themThey are counting on us to succeed and we won’t let them down. Their success is our success, and whatever their data challenge, we have a solution for them, not to mention a wealth of employee passion around the world to guide them through the complexity.

Having spent a great deal of time with Veritas employees over the past few months I can guarantee their energy and passion alone is enough to overcome any seemingly impossible data challenge, as they demonstrated at our recent “Rock the Red” conference.

Victory is won in the mind first and on the battlefield later, and this sales kick-off won the hearts and minds of our salesforce and inspired them to charge forth with passion, excitement, and confidence in support of our customers and partners.

From the onset we opted to spend a great deal of time investing in sales team’s education and equipping them with the tools they need to drive success for our customers so they too can rock the red. It was time and effort well spent.

We are also investing in our vision and cultural evolution to that ensure Veritas is the place employees want to be.

And, while employees are at the heart of our business, we have also extended this investment and commitment to our partners. 

They are equally critical to driving our success and similarly inspired and energized by the opportunity ahead of us.

We are excited by their passion and delighted to have them on Team Veritas and sharing our journey. PU.pngWith over 200 partners in attendance, this year’s inaugural Veritas Partner University was a unique opportunity to equip our partners to succeed and enable them to grow with Veritas. Over the course of two days partners attended presentations and workshops designed to enhance their understanding of Veritas’ portfolio, and increase their capabilities to enable them to deliver the right solutions for our customers. They were also guided through our product roadmap and given insight into Veritas’ industry-leading solutions to solve current and future challenges. Partners also attended training sessions that allowed them to gain certifications that demonstrate and recognize their selling knowledge and capabilities across different product areas. “This has been the best Veritas event ever,” commented partners as they left, with 100% of attendees already calling for a repeat event next year.“Our recent Partner University in EMEA was testament to the energy and passion our partners share for the Veritas,” commented SVP Global Channel, Mark Nutt. “They are with us every step of the way and have never been more excited by the opportunity to learn and grow with Veritas,” Nutt added.

The Veritas leadership team is also out there meeting with customers, building relationships, and digging into their information management problems. “Our customers are excited to talk to us about the challenges they’re facing and how Veritas can help them,” said Mike Palmer, SVP, Veritas Solutions for Data Insight and Orchestration. “We have great relationships and a high-level of trust with many our customers, which better enables us to help them see and realize the value of Veritas over its competitors.”

Discussions with our customers clearly show that they are excited by Veritas. While we still have a long way to go, one thing is more than clear – the time for Veritas has never been better.

Veritas is back, and we mean business.


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