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We invite you to read the Veritas 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report


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In his letter introducing our 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report, Veritas’ CEO, Greg Hughes, shares of the company’s forward-thinking perspective, “As we drive the future of our customers and our business, we are also thinking carefully about the future of – and our impact on – our people, our communities, and the environment."

I could not have said it better. This statement poignantly captures our shared charge at Veritas.

From our engineering teams in Building One in Mountain View, to those working across the globe to inspire organizations to manage and maintain data in novel, more meaningful ways – being an employee of Veritas is being a part of a community, committed to diversity and inclusion, corporate citizenship, and environmental sustainability.

Innovation, thoughtfully pursued: the three pillars supporting the Veritas community

As we enter the new year, I am pleased those of us at Veritas are guided, collectively, by such a motivational three-part standard. And alongside my colleagues, I am grateful to be a part of an ambitious organization like Veritas.

I am incredibly excited to release Veritas’ first Corporate Responsibility Report and encourage you to download and read the report using the link at the bottom of this message. Upon reading the report, I am confident that you will join me in appreciating the ways in which Veritas Technologies LLC continues to inspire an environment for its customers, employees, and partners which ultimately inspires innovation, thoughtfully pursued.

Please click here to download the Veritas 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report.