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Veritas Perspectives
The Voice of Veritas is your place to hear directly from Veritas executives. Here we'll share updates on company strategy, highlights from company news or our opinions on the state of the industry. We invite you to participate in the conversation and share your comments or questions.

Blog Articles

The value of abstraction

Abstraction exists in almost every facet of your life. So much so that we forget it exists. Let's talk through the concept of abstraction and how it has become a crucial element in the data center tod...


Take on hybrid and multi-cloud IT with confidence

As a parent of a young child, one is often invited to peg the details in the mundane. Walking the streets of Seattle with my son, I’m made aware of the otherwise lost elements that make up the city’s ...


Taking on ransomware—best practices from Veritas

The threat of ransomware feels more menacing than ever before—and it’s growing. Veritas is focused on guiding customers’ development of a proactive approach to data protection, including a defined, de...