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Veritas Resiliency Platform

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Failover use Veritas Resiliency Platform

Hi everyone,Through research, I found that the Veritas Resiliency Platform solution is very suitable for my existing infrastructure. However I have only rehearsed the failover manual, I am in need of a fully automated process. Example When the VM on ...

HieuNV4 by Level 1
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Unable to discover DATASTORE assets.

Hi,Everyone,   I configure the recovery from local data center (VMWARE) to off-site data center (VMWARE) on VRP platform, with NBU AIR as Copy Manager;; When configuring, managing and monitoring assets, if you choose the assets of the target data cen...

gang by Level 3
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Why NB agent is eliminated ??

Hi.At the moment that deployed the VRP agent in a discovery host, the installation scripts remove the NB solution was reinstall the NB agent again....But I´m not sure if other software or applications are going to be eliminated....Do you t...

Resolved! How can I check VRP in "NOT LICENSE MODE"

We are checking the integration with NETBACKUP and VRP....we know we don´t need an license for this integration.  You can see the next link: installed RM , IMS and NETBACKUP and integra...


Trial version setup

Hello,I am trying to setup the resiliency manager appliance available through the trial version (3.6) for vmware servers into a private data centre. I am stuck at the initial step of setting up the host network, showing error related to DNS server co...

sonalO by Level 1
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Resolved! VRP supported DNS solutions

Hi. I'm just starting my training on this solution and I've come across VRP's capability of modifying DNS records when performing DR/rehersal operations.I'm not a network guy, so I apologize in advance if my question makes no sense.The documentation ...

CHACONR by Level 3
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Synmantec Backup Exec 15 Restore log

I am currently using Symantec Backup Exec 15. I have completed a restore and some unwanted files have been restored from a previous backup. Is there a way for the job log to show the specific files that have been backed up and their locations from a ...

Cos1 by Level 1
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VRP login error - Please advice/help

My Partner is using VRP now & they faced error during login. "Unable to log in. Required number of resiliency managers are currently not available in the domain. Bring up the resiliency managers and try again….” Can anyone advice please? screenshot a...

JohnnyLoh by Level 1
Partner Employee Accredited
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Using Replication Gateway tunables

 About Replication Gateway tunablesIf you are using Resiliency Platform Data Mover to replicate your data across data centers, you have an option to tune some replication parameters to optimize the performance and scalability of the replication.Resil...

Resolved! VRP Data Mover

Hello                 I dont have much knowledge on VRP. If someone can answer some questions will appreciate.1. If I have Hyper V with VMs running in Primary location and want to replicate to DR site using Hyper V replica. Do I need VRP DATA MOVER L...

Resolved! Veritas Cloud Mobility

Hello Everyone,                           I have few questions on Veritas Cloud Mobility:1. If I am not wrong Veritas Cloud Mobility is same as VRP the only exception being Cloud Mobility is one time migration & VRP can be used to move data from on p...

Unable to join or create Resiliency Group

Hi,I trying to join the existing RG  after verifng the exiting data center it give some errors and say check system logs. What I noticed in some log file as below:ERROR [solution.base.servi...

Muhammad_Iqbal_ by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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