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Veritas Resiliency Platform

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Duplicated entry in Datamover hosts list

Hello,I was enabling the Windows Installation host. After it finished, I thought I need to also declare it in the Hosts part of the Data Mover section. So I did. Unfortunately meanwhile it was also added (probably the windows install host preparation...

Screenshot at 2017-10-27 13-05-07.png

Migrating back from Vcloud Director

Hello,I am testing the VRP platform. The scenario is:- main site: VMware Vcenter- standby site: Vcloud DirectorThe migration from Vcenter to VCD works fine. After the migration, the VRP data movers are connected/consistent/active with lag 0. Unfortun...

Resolved! Errors when add the redhat6.7 vmware to RG

Errors as below: • Unable to discover disk qualifier information of one or more disks for one or more assets. • Unable to discover IOTAP ID of one or more disks for one or more assets. • Multiple disks with same IOTAP ID is found for selected assets....

simon_p1 by Level 2
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Dedicate Replication Link

Hello   I am not sure that e can seperate the Pubic Network and Replication network as in the picture.I try to add eth1 and set the IP, but not complete.Thank you.

pgm10s by Level 5
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VRP Datamover requirements

Hi AllJust wanted to check if there is a requirement for the RG to be enabled for VMware HA or FT?Not sure if I heard something like that in the training but can't find it in the course material or admin guides.Please advise if you know.

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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Asymmetric Gateway Pairing

Veritas Resiliency Platform has introduced a cool new feature called "Asymmetric Gateway Pairing". This feature enables the following use cases  1. Multiple branch office locations replicating to a single central datacenter 2. Replicating and thereb...

anishv01 by Level 2
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Resolved! vrp datamover

Hello   I have problem about add the vm to the replication group.  It error at install IO filter on the EXS server.GeneralStatusFAILEDObjects10.9.12.231DatacenterBangkok DCStart TimeMar 21, 2017 12:00:11 PMEnd TimeMar 21, 2017 12:01:44 PMResult"[\"Fa...

pgm10s by Level 5
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VRP HCL 2.1 PDF link broken

The VRP HCL 2.1 PDF link is broken so if you click on PDF at: Then it says: An error occurred while processing your request. Mike

mikebounds by Level 6
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Plans for supporting SUSE Linux?

Hi all, Is there any plan to support new operating systems like SUSE Linux Enterprise? Or the applications running in that not supported platforms must be managed by VCS, then by VIOM, then by the Resiliency Manager?Thank you in advance for your help...

Enable Deduplication on NetBackup 7.5

Hi, We have got NetBackup running on Windows Server 2008 and currently backing up data on SAN Storage. I want to enable deduplication on it. Could you please provide me the best practice procedure to do so ? Where the deduplication should...

Tfaraj by Level 4
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