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DRA = Continuity's AvailabilityGuard ?

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Is DRA the same product as AvailabilityGuard?  Just verifying.  Thanks.


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Hi Brad,

I see you posted some time ago and did not get an answer. I first heard of DRA today but from what I can tell it seems to be similar. Have you had a chance to work with either product?

DRA appears to be developed from an earlier product by VERITAS Software called CommandCenter which was a product that worked well when it was working. Unfortunately it required a lot of maintenance to keep it working. Hopefully over the years symantec was able to get it to be more streamlined in the installation and the configuration to allow it to be more of a self supporting application.

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Thanks for the response, but through other means, I did confirm that DRA (Disaster Recovery Advisor) is the AvailabiltyGuard (formerly RecoveryGuard product) from Continuity Software.  Good tool for ensuring that primary and remote site(s) are in synch when it comes to moving applications over during a DR (or DR test).  Finding that your apps won't run at the remote end, after a disaster, is not a good thing...  DRA can prevent that situation ahead of time.

As for CommandCenter, during my 11 years at VRTS, I recall the CommandCentral Service, Storage Reporter and SANPoint Control products we sold, but they're different from DRA.  Having left SYMC in 2005, I don't recall what happened to those products, but it doesn't matter, as I solved my mystery.

Regards, Brad