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Enablement: VSPN Online Web Presence

Hello Everyone,

Wishing you a very Happy New Year !

I am Vipul Jain, a new Online Presence Administrator, based in Pune, India.  I will take over the design and updating of our online presences, including Sales Central, Learn Central, PartnerNet, OneDrive, and the new mobile app. I have expertise in Web Content Management using Adobe Experience Manager.

I am posting this discussion here to know more about the requirements of Sale professionals in terms of Web Presence, if you have any new thoughts to make our Sales Professional network more effective, I will be happy to hear it about.

Really appreciate your help on this. Thanks Much!

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Re: Enablement: VSPN Online Web Presence

Welcome to the team Vipul!

Re: Enablement: VSPN Online Web Presence

Hi Vipul.

Joe here from the team. I work with  a specific part of the Sales team which focuses on customer retention and renewing customers maintenance - the Renewals team.

As they are a very specific audience we have created their own specific web presence. With so much information we wanted to have a place dedicated to that specific group (about 200-250 employees). Perhaps we could work together on that as we look to keep it updated - take a look.

I'm understand VSPN is a top proirity, and with that -  I'm always infavor of a few strategic thumbnails alongside relevant videos to encourage the employees to click on them and dive into things further - just like you get enticed by those youtube thumbnails as you want to find out more.  Thats my initial input which could boost the metrics as well as making the page pop more.

Great to have your expertise here and happy new year!


Re: Enablement: VSPN Online Web Presence


Thanks for an excellent initiative.

From a Distributor/Partner perspective, we have several requests regarding tools not available on PartnerNet, only to SE's. This increases turnaround time w.r.t proposals and customer solutions greatly.

Other suppliers (e.g. DELL/EMC, Commvault, etc) have made several tools available to resellers on their Partner portals, such as assessments, sizing tools, proposals, etc.

Do we engage with you here? Or start an offline/email discussion?

Re: Enablement: VSPN Online Web Presence

Hello Marianne,

Many thanks for your kind words. I was so pleased to hear from you. Smiley Happy

However, I am not sure if I am supposed to do this mentioned activity or not. I will check with Chris and let you know very soon. J


Vipul Jain

Re: Enablement: VSPN Online Web Presence


Thanks for getting in touch on this topic. I want to help answer the question and  more details will help. Please connect with me via email to continue the discussion, and once we have an answer we'll update this thread for everyone.