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What to expect this weekend (October 20-22) as we launch our new online support tools

Level 3

Hi all,

Check here to learn about what to expect this coming weekend (October 20-22) as we launch our new website. We will be adding more to this discussion over the next few days to ensure you're updated on our progress.


Kelly Romer

Veritas Support Customer Experience Leader


Level 3

Hi all, see the attached high-level timeline of customer/partner-facing impacts for our system upgrade this coming weekend. In terms of the things you would notice this weekend when seeking support from us, here is the high-level:

  • Our support phone lines should work the entire time (no outage)
  • There will be a period of time when you cannot upload or view support case-related "evidence" files which are hosted on a system called MFT
  • There will be a period of time when will no longer be accessible. During that same time, will be unavailable. When the internal team is done with their work, will be the new URL you use for the support site. It will redirect to and will have the new look/feel we demo'd at VISION.
  • Our upgrade team will be monitoring all of the feedback channels I discussed in my discussion post from earlier this week. Please don't hesitate to report any problems you encounter, and we will do our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience as we make this first HUGE step to an improved online Veritas Support experience.


Level 3

Hi all, looks like we are ahead of schedule right now by 2 hours. So we are providing an updated timeline.

Hi all, we are live with our new Veritas Support site. I am going to create another discussion to gather feedback from you all. Thanks, Kelly

Level 6

Kelly, is there another discussion for support feedback? One issue I see is the new Technote platform doesn't seem to include which NetBackup versions, platforms a specific issue affects and whether there is a fix. Did I miss something? Thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew - Thanks for the feedback. Regarding your question, we made a decision to exclude versions as a filterable attribute for Knowledge Base and Alert Articles. In order for filtering by version to work correctly, the version tagging has to be accurate. The more that version info is out of date, the more likely it is that a user will unintentionally filter away a piece of content that might have solved their issue. Keeping version info up to date requires a lot of manual labor - every time a new version of software is released, all Articles tagged to the previous version have to be reviewed to see if they still apply to the new version. 

We have instead asked authors to annotate version or platform specific Articles with appropriate details so that users will know. I know that is not a perfect answer, but I think it is the only realistic approach.

Thanks again for the feedback!