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Intern Perspectives: The Complete Veritas Experience

Level 1

The Recruitment Process

In March, I came across a posting on my college’s career website for a summer internship at Veritas Technologies.  An internship working in HR Analytics in Silicon Valley, my dream location!

After a few rounds of phone interviews with the Veritas recruiter and hiring team, I knew that Veritas is where I wanted to work in the upcoming summer. When I received word from my recruiter that they were offering me the position, I was ecstatic!  Overall, the recruitment process was smooth, informative, and helped to set clear expectations of the internship experience.


The Workplace Environment – Day 1

When I arrived at Veritas Technologies, here in Santa Clara, CA, the beautiful, reflective design of the building amazed me. After spending a couple of minutes taking pictures and enjoying the view, I made my way inside for orientation and was met with another spectacular sight, the elevators! Talk about new age and high tech, the elevators were a far cry from those used on campus at Florida State University.  

The elevator system at the Santa Clara Square campus features elevators that do not have floor buttons within the actual elevator itself. When you want to use the elevator, you select the floor you wish to travel to in the elevator lobby. The elevators figure out how many people are going to each floor at a given time and assign one of the four elevators to a computed route to be as efficient as possible dropping its passengers off.

When I arrived in the Veritas lobby, I was directed to Security for badging.  During this interaction, I was amazed, yet again, at the atmosphere and office décor, an open plan with tons of natural light, color, and inspiring workspaces.  From there, the University Relations team guided me to a conference room where I was given an orientation alongside one other intern. The orientation provided me with an overview of the typical day at Veritas, what the company does and insight into our leadership. 

My manager, Andrew Brecht, rounded out my first day by introducing me to the HR team and to many of our stakeholders.  He also ensured I had all the tools and equipment I needed to get started.  

The team I work with and share open space with are incredibly helpful, energetic and absolutely love what they do.  The team is approachable, fun and incredibly supportive of my learning experience while interning at Veritas.  One of my favorite things about my workplace is where I sit.  Instead of being shuttled off to some conference room to share space with other interns, I have a workspace with a beautiful view of the mountains and I am one row away from the 5th floor break area providing me unlimited French Vanilla Lattes.

 linkedin-In-Stream_Wide___IMG_2144.jpgThe Job

When I began my first day of work, I was half right about my expectations of what I would be doing. The reason is that the work I do is on par with the job description, however, I did not expect to enjoy it to the degree that I do nor feel as inclusive and important as Veritas makes me feel. 

When someone hears about an internship, they tend to think that interns will complete petty, tedious tasks like going on coffee runs, picking up copies, or other small, unimportant tasks. With Veritas, it is the exact opposite and I cannot be any more gracious that it is framed that way. I work with the same big data and analytics that the HR team does; my assignments and projects are delivering deep insights into the employee experience at Veritas.  

I am exposed, on a daily basis, to Veritas executives and expected to support the HR strategy to improve the employee experience.  My voice is heard and appreciated.  My human capital analytic projects and assignments require innovative thinking, exploration, and use of new tools, and building the people story through data visualization. I am surrounded by supportive, HR professionals who encourage me to keep digging to get to the root cause or solve. 

This continues to be an amazing experience! I am excited to continue this journey, to connect and to grow my potential through this experience!