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Interview with Santa Clara HQ Lead Intern, Christopher Daniels

Community Manager
Community Manager

Over the next couple of months, Veritas is welcoming interns to its summer session. At Veritas, interns have the opportunity to immerse themselves in their assigned business group; from participating in daily meetings to engaging the decision-making process on ongoing projects, interns from the Veritas University Program become a rich part of our company from day one.

As a part of Veritas University, each office selects a lead intern. This year we had the pleasure of sitting down with our Santa Clara HQ lead intern, Christopher Daniels. In his #VtasNextGen interview, he shares his passion for managing intellectual property, and how this ultimately led him to pursue an internship with #TeamVtas.

IMG_9618.JPGSanta Clara HQ Lead Intern, Christopher Daniels

Richelle: What college do you attend?

Christopher: I currently attend Florida State University and am set to graduate in Fall 2019.

Richelle: What's your major?

Christopher: I’m majoring in political science and business. I do enjoy the legal field and have some background in that area.

Richelle: Why Veritas?

Christopher: I actually wanted to be an intellectual property lawyer and I know that Veritas handles a lot of intellectual property in general. Over time, I transitioned from wanting to work in the legal industry to working more so in the IT industry. Veritas was the perfect fit for me.

Richelle: What will you be focusing on this summer?

Christopher: I’ll be primarily working in data management regarding compensation, benefits, and termination. I’m looking forward to a great summer! It’s going to be a lot of Excel spreadsheets—that just sounds great!

Richelle: What are your goals for this summer?

Christopher: I’m hoping to gain even higher proficiency in Excel and potentially a full-time offer – I would love to be a part of #TeamVtas! This is a great area, a great company to work for and I just love it here.