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Discussing video production at Veritas on VOX

Level 6

Welcome to the Content Best Practices at Veritas forum, where we'll be highlighting the use of video at Veritas.

Video is undeniably engaging. The combined audio and visual experience often tells a story in a lifelike, rich way other content mediums cannot achieve – at least, not with such ease!

So we understand your interest in using video to showcase the latest and greatest information, product or service, or feature update from your Veritas team.

And while there are countless creative ways to present content via video, we’ve highlighted here four formats most accessible to produce, and applicable to Veritas business groups.

As you review these options, it’s likely one will appear most fitting for the needs of your business. Still, please keep in mind the creative possibilities in the video you and your team produce – really, they are endless!

  • Screen-capture videos: Screen-capture videos showcase Veritas product and service features and benefits, and demonstrate ideal use cases to assist customers in their decisions to purchase, update or upgrade, and ultimately engage a product or service.

    A screen-capture video can teach Veritas customers about new features with a user interface walkthrough, and increase product adoption by decreasing uncertainty in interaction.

  • Event promotion videos: Whether we're inviting guests to a conference, webinar, or open house, promotional videos pitch a Veritas event and provide audiences a feel for the Veritas brand.

    In these videos, you'll want to give a brief but detailed overview of the event you're promoting, along with a Call to Action that encourages viewers to sign-up or save-the-date. Your goal is to generate attendees by prompting viewers to take an action.

  • Interview-style videos: People inspire people, and Veritas interview-style videos are a strong opportunity to demonstrate for customers the expertise of our staff.

    In an interview-style video, you can speak to the work of a Veritas team in a Q&A format. These videos are ideal for inviting customers to know our teams – putting a face or voice to the name of some of our product developers and leaders; highlighting the human details supporting our products and services in a show-don’t-tell approach.

  • Company culture videos: These videos let customers and partners see who we are behind the scenes, as both individual employees and a company. There’s no better way to connect with those outside Veritas than by giving them an earnest, real-life view into our workplace.

And as you continue along your creative journey in video production, we welcome your comments and questions. Please reach out to me on VOX, @AlexMatts, or directly via e-mail at