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Hello Everyone,

Veritas is happy to introduce Infoscale Storage 7.0 to support Docker containers. Please install and try Infoscale Storage 7.0 for creating and managing stateful Data Volumes for Docker containers. 

Please watch the video to understand our value proposition.

Kindly provide your feedback to Veritas Infoscale Containers group.

We love to hear from you.


Product Owner ( Information Availability - Storage )


Great technology and would like to see more detailed videos on functionality with Docker. 

Thank you, jimmax. Within this group you have a couple of practical demos:

4.- Veritas InfoScale Storage Plug-in for Docker Demo

7.- Demo on how to use snapshots to bring up other containers with current data

Also here you have a white paper:

3.- Veritas InfoScale Storage & Docker Introduction White Paper


Carlos Carrero.-