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A complement to your existing Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) and Critical System Protection(CSP)/Data Center Security(DCS) infrastructures – SOLVE, the Simple Online Visualization Engine, is a data visualization platform that connects directly your SEP & CSP/DCS environments. There are many Symantec specific optimizations that save resources on the management of your infrastructure, including:


  • Instantly report against numerous SEP environments WITHOUT waiting for database replication.
  • See configuration data and threat data on the same dashboard​.
  • Create dashboards with limitless drill-downs to slice and present data to your liking. 


  • Create reports with all of the data required to tune policies for an entire enterprise instead of one asset at a time.
  • Report against multiple CSP/DCS environments in a single dashboard or dashboard pane.
  • Monitor asset configurations grouped any way desired.

SOLVE Features:

  • Role based access control allows you to easily limit who has access to what data using any criteria desired.
  • Allow visibility into the security environment without giving unnecessary access to the product management consoles.
  • Create visually appealing information displays using a variety of different dashboard types.
  • View dashboards and reports from any platform using an HTML 5 browser.


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‎07-20-2016 10:56 AM
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