Vision Solution Day Paris in Photos

The next stop on the EMEA Vision Tour was Paris on 20 November with the event held in the beautiful Pavillon Cambon Capucines, a splendid setting in the hearrt of the city for the French Vision Solution Day. Here are a selection of our favourite photos from the event:

image1.jpegWelcome to Vision Solution Day (VSD) Paris in pictures! Hosted in an amazing venue in the heart of Paris.image2.jpegVSD Paris was opened by the magician; Hiro.image3.jpegA packed house with over 300 people in attendance.image4.jpegJean-Pierre Boushira, VP Europe South presented the opening keynote of VSD Paris.image5.jpegDaniel de Prezzo hosted a cloud panel session which included Microsoft and VMware.image6.jpegThe informative cloud panel session with Microsoft and VMware.image7.jpegCameron Bahar (on the left), CTO, Veritas travelled from Calfornia to present a keynote at VSD Paris, he had previously presented at VSD London and Manchester. He was given a warm welcome by the team and attendees at VSD Paris.image8.jpeg"It is necessary for IT to adapt rapidly and become more agile." said Cameron Bahar, CTO, Veritas at VSD Paris.image9.jpegFantastic keynote presentation from Nutanix providing advice for businesses on how to operate and migrate to a hybrid environment.image9a.jpegAttendees were asked to spin The Wheel of Veritas Solution fortune. Much fun was had with this ice breaker.image9b.jpegThe afternoon session was opened with the second part of the magic show.image9c.jpegAttendees were invited to participate during the magic show at VSD Paris.image9d.jpegThe afternoon panel session featured two platinum partners; Antemeta and SCC hosted by Frederic Fimes, Channel Director, Veritas (far left)image00020.jpegAnd the final session of the day was delivered by Pierre La Rosa, Director of Commercial Enterprise, Veritas.image00031.jpegA fantastic customer case study from Nicolas Munoz (right hand side of the photo), SAFRAN, shared his experiences with NetBackup.image00048.jpegVSD Paris closed with a cocktail recpeption. See you at the next #VtasVision Solution Day!