EP63: ESG Discussion: How modern storage solutions allow you to do more with your data

In this episode of the Voice of Veritas podcast, we’re digging into the truth in information. Your host Biswajit Mishra, Solutions Marketing, Veritas, sits down with Scott Sinclair, Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), for part-2 in their discussion on the power of data and the complexities of IT.

The first part of the discussion covered the changing business landscape and requirements of modern object storage solution. Tune in here for part 1.

In part 2, Scott and Bis discuss abstracting the big “how” in IT. For example, How can storage solutions help me use my data to more effectively change my business? Veritas Cognitive Object Storage can do that.

The part that jumps out to Scott about Cognitive Object Storage is the “Cognitive” aspect. Move from just storing data to leveraging it and that’s where the cognitive engine really stands out.

Tune in for the full discussion and learn more about what Veritas Cloud Object Storage can do for your organization by downloading the ESG Whitepaper



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