EP69: VMworld: Take Back Your Weekends with Resiliency Platform

In this episode of the Voice of Veritas podcast, we’re digging into the truth in information. Your host Joann Starke, Senior Manager, Veritas, interviews Bob Spence, Principal Architect, Veritas at VMworld as they dig into the Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP).

Customers require very little downtime for their digital business. Veritas Resiliency Platform protects applications across different hypervisors, operating systems, storage arrays and cloud providers. 

Don’t spend your weekends in the data center.  Automated rehearsals let you simulate recovery and takeover procedures with scheduled simulations that run at any time of day as frequently as you want - all without human intervention.  Wouldn’t you rather spend your weekends with family and friends?  

Resiliency Platform’s lightweight and flexible architecture protects more than virtual machines with automated recovery of applications or business services with just a single click.  Learn more about Veritas Resiliency Platform.



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