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S2EP14: The Data Opportunity

Level 2

In this Voice of Veritas podcast episode, we’re digging into the truth in Information. Zoe Sands, Social and Community Marketing, Veritas, interviews Mark Nutt, Senior Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Sales, Veritas on The Data Opportunity.

Over the past few months, Mark Nutt has been delivering The Data Opportunity keynote presentation at several Vision Solution Days across the EMEA region. During this podcast, he shares details from his keynote presentation and says “Data has the potential to change everything” and provides examples. He also states that data is critical to an organisation’s survival. And there are many challenges that businesses need to address. He then says IT professionals are the core of an organisation’s survival in this digital age and advises IT as a function needs adapt rapidly in this technological age. And finally concludes with how Veritas help businesses to utilise the data opportunity.

Tune in to hear the full episode and learn more about Veritas.


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