S2EP2: Key Highlights from GITEX 2018

In this Voice of Veritas podcast episode, we’re digging into the truth in Information. Zoe Sands, Social and Community Marketing, Veritas, interviews Mansoor Ibrahim, Distribution Success Manager, Veritas, from GITEX 2018.  

There was a lot of excitement for Veritas at GITEX 2018. Veritas’ partner ecosystem in the Middle East is growing year on year, as we continue to build momentum in the region our partners are excited to do more with us. In the new era of artificial intelligence (AI), we’re hearing more from customers and partners and together we can drive digital transformation. 

Mansoor shares his top 3 takeaways from GITEX:

  1. Veritas can do more than you think! Let’s connect! Let’s Partner!
  2. Customers can leverage Veritas’ partner ecosystem to drive successful digital transformation
  3. Veritas is looking forward to GITEX 2019!

If organizations are interested in joining our partner ecosystem, visit veritas.com and learn more about our partner program.


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