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S2EP25: The Datasphere

Level 2

In this episode of the Voice of Veritas, Zoe Sands, Social and Community Marketing at Veritas interviews Arthur Dell, CTO for Emerging Markets on The Datasphere. During the interview, Arthur states that to identify and classify critical data is sometimes difficult to solve, using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to help distinguish between what is critical data and what is not is essential. The more information you have the more difficult it is to manually classify data, hence the need for using automation in classification.

Mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT), Multi-Cloud, Digital Transformation, AI, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing are all driving change and new business opportunities but are also creating exponential amounts of data. With the adoption of new technologies people are creating unstructured data at a phenomenal rate and this is a challenge for organisations on how to classify this data and identify what is relevant for business and what can be used to help gain competitive advantage.

Arthur also touches on cloud as an enabler and disruptor for digital transformation, and that any transformation an organisation implements has the potential to create risk because of change. He also talks in more detail about the use cases for AI and quantum computing and that coupled closely together are the next frontier of disruption. He advises that to derive value from data you shouldn’t demonise data, but instead harness the power of data by using AI and machine learning. Find out more by listening to Arthur’s podcast interview on The Datasphere.

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