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S2EP26: Women In Tech - #BalanceForBetter Advantages of a Diverse Workforce

Level 2

In this episode of the Voice of Veritas, Zoe Sands, Social and Community Marketing at Veritas interviews Anita Smillie, Senior Consulting Project Manager for Professional Services, EMEA on Women In Technology and what the International Women’s Day #BalanceForBetter campaign means for her, and how her 30-year career in IT has progressed. Anita says #BalanceForBetter means having the right people in the right roles, there are business advantages for having a more diverse workforce. She shared how she first got into tech and said technology chose her and since then her career has grown and her network has expanded.

She also talks about how important is it that more women join technology, leveraging their amazing ideas and tapping in new talent enhances and grows businesses. There is a perception that IT is a man’s world, although this attitude is gradually changing over the past decade and she says we need to change opinions and encourage women to join the technology industry. Breaking down the barriers, telling our stories and sharing what the opportunities are, all help in breaking down negative attitudes of IT and encourage more women to join the industry, also bringing your children to work and letting them see the work environment helps breakdown the male-dominated image of IT.

Anita shares her top tips for getting into the IT industry, she says be open to opportunities, don’t limit yourself and take risks to be able to grow. You don’t have to be super-women, there are so many opportunities available. She also spoke about what she enjoys at Veritas, and that it is all about the diversity of people and exciting opportunities to grow and learn.

The episode concludes with Anita giving advice to women wanting to get into the world of tech saying be brave, just go for it and take a chance as you never know where this is going to lead. Find out more by listening to Anita’s podcast interview on Women In Tech.

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