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S2EP28 - Digital Transformation - A journey to escape oblivion!

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In the latest episode of #VoiceOfVeritas, Zoe Sands, Social and Community Marketing at Veritas interviews Phil Lewis, Senior Director of Global Strategic Partnerships Alliances on Digital Transformation - A journey to escape oblivion! This podcast follows on from his recent blog on the same topic. 

Though there are many definitions of Digital transformation, Phil explains that in this case, it is taking manual business processes and automating the processes that will generate data, which can then be utilised for new business purposes. He says technology is at the forefront and is driving change and churn. Many industries are changing and evolving and new entrants disrupting markets.

Nowadays, new entrants and start-ups see data as a commodity, or as an asset that can be sold. Some people say that data is the new oil, but Phil says data is the new water, freely available, which needs to be collected. Executives are now seeing the value in data and how it impacts share prices. During the episode Phil shares some digital transformation use cases.

Phil also advises that those wanting to start on a digital transformation journey will need to first simplify the core IT infrastructure, free up resources and invest at the edge, look at how data is collected and then look how you can get business insight. Doing this, you’ll then be able to innovate at the edge. However, this doesn’t guarantee success, as there is a high failure rate on big data projects, the reason is lack of planning and understanding what you want to achieve and what you have at the beginning. Listen to the podcast to hear Phil’s views and advice on digital transformation. And if you found the podcast interesting please share on your social networks.

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