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S2EP4: Reducing your cloud storage bill with NetBackup CloudCatalyst

Level 2

In this Voice of Veritas podcast episode, we’re digging into the truth in Information. Roger Stein, Solutions Marketing, Veritas, interviews Paul Mayer, Product Management, Veritas, in a discussion on NetBackup CloudCatalyst. 

Since the announcement of Netbackup CloudCatalyst, it is now available as a physical appliance, virtual appliance and as a container on the Flex Appliance.

Customers are increasingly looking to take advantage of lower costs of object storage in the cloud. Moving deduplicated data to object storage in the cloud will reduce costs even further.

Often deduplicated data must be rehydrated and deduplicated a second time before it can be moved to object storage in the cloud. NetBackup CloudCatalyst eliminates this second step by moving deduplicated data directly from NetBackup to object storage in the cloud, saving time and ultimately cost.

Tune in for the full episode and learn more about what NetBackup CloudCatalyst can do for your organization.


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