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Visibility without compromise: The latest on APTARE IT Analytics

Community Manager
Community Manager

In this episode of the Voice of Veritas podcast, we dive into the latest developments and news on APTARE IT Analytics.  Speaking with Principal Product Manager, Rajeev Mankar, on what APTARE is the one tool you need to gain that powerful single pane of glass and capture a wealth of information on the inner workings of your IT environment.

APTARE IT Analytics uses data collections from over 30,000 IT metrics and helps our customers gain visibility into their full environment, instantly revealing insight-packed correlations of vast quantities of data.  Users can easily view all backups through this new solution, whether they were successful, only partial, or even complete failures. With full backup visibility, the Backup Manager in APTARE IT Analytics reveals key insights into the backup environment unveiling unprotected data and identifying suspect backups.

This level of visibility is now available to NetBackup users, enabling new insights and enhancing preparation for compliance audits, all within one powerful dashboard.

Learn more about APTARE IT Analytics in the latest episode of the Voice of Veritas Podcast.