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After 8.0 upgrade can't copy/paste legal hold from Word

Has anyone else had an issue with being able to copy from a Word document into the body of a legal hold after upgrading to version 8.0?   It returns an error: "Length of the notice body has exceeded the maximum limit of 13000 characters. The characters used by the HTML editor for tagging are also considered in the characters limit."  The characters don't exceed that limit, so I think it has to do with the HTML issue.

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Hello HoosierUser, If you

Hello HoosierUser,

If you have lots of formatting in Word, it's likely that it's the HTML that powers the formatting causing the problem

As an example:

Test  - 4 chars as seen in Word (bold, italic)

<b><i>Test</i></b> - 18 chars with HTML.

If you try saving the content from Word as HTML, the character count might be pretty big in the source view compared to what you see in Internet Explorer/Word.

Did this same text work in the older version or is this different text for a new hold?



Yes it worked in the older

Yes it worked in the older version just fine

HoosierUser, to confirm: the

HoosierUser, to confirm: the exact same content was used in the older version and now it's not working in 8.0 or in general copy and paste functionality had worked?

I work in technical support in the UK, if you have created a case and have given the content/document with contents I can take a look tomorrow during my working day if you provide the case number or you can send me a private message here with it attached and I can verify the issue in my 8.0 lab. Please remove anything confidential but try to keep the character count the same (use x's instead).


Thanks Daly. I realize its

Thanks Daly. I realize its the HTML causing the issue and have a non-user friendly workflow established, but can't believe we'd have to do this each time.  I just created a case for this - Case # 08442538.   I will send you a private message with the attachment when I figure out how to.

Hello HoosierUser, I've given

Hello HoosierUser, I've given the engineer some feedback on the case.

I got around this by saving the docx as HTML and using this, it kept the colours and formatting and didn't then error because of the amount of characters.

In PM i'll show you how it looked when we received the copy and paste and attach the HTML save version which I found to work, the original docx count came to > 15000 chars because of MS Word HTML formatting.

The issue is the same as the first post I gave, hope the info helps.

Hello HoosierUser, I've

Hello HoosierUser,

I've created a feature request for this issue, it would make sense that this could be dealt with from the editor rather than adding another step to the workflow at the user end:


I wonder if anyone has heard

I wonder if anyone has heard if Symantec will be fixing this issue soon?   It is a horrendous problem for our organization and causes a lot of grief.  

Hello HoosierUser, It's been

Hello HoosierUser,

It's been reviewed by product management, that's as much as I have in terms of an update.

The best thing to do would be now to take the feature request below and speak to your account manager, they may be able to discuss your case with the necessary teams.

Hello, I ran into the same


I ran into the same issue with a user. I instructed them to copy the data from Word and paste it into notepad. Note Pad will strip the Word formatting. Now you can copy the stripped message from notepad to the Legal Hold and it should work fine.