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Any ideas on how many early

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Any ideas on how many early adopters for the Clearwell 7.1.1? Or are there any successful stories?


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This should be a new posting but I no longer have the rights to move it :( seeing as I'm an employee and not eligible to be a TA


To answer your question 7.1.1 is not a new release. it stems from 7.0


7.1.1 has been adopted by many. There have been many EV customers awaiting 7.1.1 release so they can utilize Clearwell for their eDiscovery needs against their EV environments

Now that Fix 1 has been released for Clearwell 7.1.1 it is bringing more attention because with Fix 1 the ability to put data on hold in EV is now available


The next few releases will bring additional EV integration as well as some cool new customer requested features.


Clearwell eDiscovery platform advancing how eDiscovery should work


Watch this space :)

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Do you have a list of the customer requested features?

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Check the Ideas section of this forum for Clearwell. It will show you some of the recent requests for features.


I will check with the product team to see if they have lists of features that were added because of customer requests and if it exists see if it is permitted to publish the feature list

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Not sure if this is the answer you are looking for but all of the functionality in Clearwell eDiscovery platform is user requested.

It is a market driven product and features are built to meet customers needs

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Hello Raju,

There is a document called Symantec Clearwell New Features Overview 7.1.1 contained within the that can be downloaded from the same location as the instal files at File Connect which that goes into detail about the new features.  

Additionally there is a document called Symantec Clearwell Upgrade Overview 7.1.1 that would be recieved when requesting an upgrade which details considerations when upgrading.

I will send you an email with both of the documents for your review. I hope these documents come in handy.


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