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Any way to turn off Case access with out adjusting users/ profiles/ etc..

Level 5

wanted to know if there is a way in Clearwell v 8.1.1R1 to just turn off a case so that users or case user admin profiles cant login to or see the case.  I can disable logins under processing | settings and that works for regular case users (non admin) but if a case has users which are part of a access profile setup as an ADMIN for a case they can still see the case. 


Any suggestions would be appreciated..

Basically want to know if there is any Option to turn a case from a STATUS of "On-Line" to "Off-Line" with out deleteing the case






Level 5
Partner Employee Accredited Certified

Hello BC,

I've gone through the UI and properties we have on the case and system, I can't see anyway we can do this as you require at present.

It's worth discussing with your account manager as it sounds like it might be a handy enhancement to have for a system manager.


Level 2

You could archive the case.


When Clearwell archives a case, it creates a new backup of the case and then deletes the case from the list of active cases.  An archive is essentially a backup that is no longer showing in Clearwell.

To archive a case

  1. From the All Processing view, click the Cases tab.
  2. Select the case you want to archive, and click Archive.
    • Archived cases can be viewed by clicking the Archives tab.