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BRAVAX Client HTML5 -- About time

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Veritas Users:

I have seen the decline of Clearwell product over a period of time, as the end-users really do not feel like dealing with ActiveX plugin.

I know BRAVA has introduced a new HTML5 viewer version 7.2

It's about time that we integrate HTML5 viewer with Clearwell. If you agree, please give a thumbs up at the bottom of the screen.




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How about making Clearwell compatible with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and doing away with the reliance on Internet Explorer as the only "officially" compatible web browser? They've been talking about this literally for years with empty excuses and absolutely no movement whatsoever. 

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Hello @ramblinman072,

I've been involved with the product for many years now and certainly can empathize with both of concerns expressed in this post. I do know that the integration of the Brava client and its components with eDP is somewhat complex which is part of why the process of updating has been slower than expected.

I can tell you that there has/is some fantastic work being performed by Veritas to get eDP to be browser agnostic and to use HTML for document review. It's coming soon! Hang in there, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised Robot Happy

As for what's been done so far in the effort to become browser agnostic, starting in eDP 8.2, Chrome and Firefox support has been added for Legal Hold notice confirmations and Hold Confirmation pages. We even provide a banner that suggests in the case of large numbers of Legal Holds or Survey Questions to use those browsers over IE for better performance. 

Awesome username by the way Robot Very Happy

Best Regards,
James Harris
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