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Case Backup Failures

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I often, randomly, get 1 or 2 (sometimes 5 or more, very random) cases that fail nightly backups.

The error in the job log reads:

Caused by: com.teneo.esa.cluster.resource.LeaseAcquisitionException: [#164017] Can't backup case while managed file access is in progress.  Please try again later.

This is not possible.  In fact, never has it been true.  Some of these cases are online and havent been accessed for days/weeks, and so there cannot be any file access in progress.

I have explored this from time to time with Tech Support.  But the answer is often that if I can manually run a backup, and it completes successfully, then there really isnt anything wrong.  Except that my backups are failing, and this causes issues with my workflow for maintaining backups for DR purposes.

So I wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone else gets these random failures, even though the cases back up just fine when you do them manually.

It happens on a couple (often different) cases for a day or two or more, then wont happen for days or weeks, and then it happens again, and then doesnt, etc...there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

My backups are pointed to a direct attached storage shelf (DELL MD1200).


Level 2

I have the same issue as you as well in our traditional cluster environment and not able to find a proper solution.