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Change Clearwell Local User Passwords in CW 8.1

Level 3

I've just upgraded to Clearwell 8.1 from 7.1.3. I need to change the passwords for the local accounts that were created when on the previous version.

When I go to System->Users and select a local CW account, there is no option to change the password, how can I accomplish this?



Level 5
Partner Employee Accredited Certified

Hello R.P.R,

Just out of interest:

  • Is this only the users that were brought over upon restore that have the problem?
  • Have you tried any new local accounts that you've created?
  • Do you have LDAP configured?

An escalation was recently raised for something that sounds similar, with the above we should be able to determine if it is the same issue.

Level 3

Hi Daly,

Sorry for the delay.

1. This happens to a local user that was brought over after a restore.

2. I created another local user with role of System Manager. I'm not able find where to change the password for this new user. Tried logging in as that user as well as logging in with my System Manager account

3. I do have LDAP configured for my Enterprise accounts so that doesn't seem to be an issue.

Let me know if you need more info.



Level 5
Partner Employee Accredited Certified

Hello Ray,

It will be necessary to make a support case for this - it does read like the same issue.

The underlying issue is under investigation with engineering but the workaround steps will require technical support.