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Clearwell 6.1 to 8.1 case migration

Is it possible to backup/archive cases in version 6.1, and restore them to a clearwell appliance running version 8.1?  I know the upgrade path needs to go to 7.1.2 before you can go to 8.1, but I am not upgrading.  I just want to backup cases and restore them.  I am unclear as to whether or not it is possible to restore a case that was created in 6.1 to 8.1.


Thank you!

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Hello Tim, Case backups

Hello Tim,

Case backups should go through an upgrade process when restored to get them to the current version of schema on an appliance, whereas the full application upgrade has to go through these stages when upgrading - it is a bit different for a case.

I've never tested with 6.1 direct to 8.1 in a case restore, it doesn't state it isn't possible - the only restrictions are the ones you've mentioned with regards to application upgrades, I can't guarantee with 6.1 -> 8.1 as I've never tested it but if you are able to provide me with the stock 'test' data of a case backup zipped over PM/direct message I can test internally for you to verify that this does restore.



Hi Tim, Before answering

Hi Tim,

Before answering further, I would like to get some background information first.  It sounds like you have a standalone appliance running 6.1 right now. I'm going to assume that you are planning to install a new standalone appliance with a fresh installation of 8.1 in the near future? If this is correct, will the new 8.1 server replace the server running CW 6.1? 




Thanks Jon, and "yes" to both

Thanks Jon, and "yes" to both of your questions.  I think it will work based on feedback I have recieved from Symantec/Veritas support, but having never attempted to do it yet with those versions I was hoping to get some feedback from others.



Hello Tim, Good to see you

Hello Tim,

Good to see you here :) My apologies for responding so late to your post. Feel free to reach out dirctly to me when needed.

You are correct (I taught you well). I checked back on several email threads about this same topic internally to confirm that case restores from CW v61 to eDP v81 are supported. It's the appliance upgrade that requires incremental steps.

However, if you would like to confirm yourself as Daly suggested above I would recommend that you either yourself and/or have a support TSE validate this for you.

I can tell you that of late I helped a customer through an upgrade with case restores from CW v711 to eDP v81 with success.

If you find that this has answered your question please mark this post as resolved :)





Best Regards,
James Harris
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