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Clearwell Identification & Collection EV error 7.1.2 FIX2

After configuring the EV service account as a collection source, I was able to discover EV but not create a collection task.  After reading knowledge base article for this I assigned the EV service account read/write permissions to the main CW directory and specific folders related to the .bat file for this process.  This did not work.   I'm wondering if this is an advanced AD permission?  Any help would be appreciated.

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To perform EV collections you

To perform EV collections you need the following

Service account with rights on EV and with local admin rights on the Clearwell appliance

The EV API installed on the Clearwell Server must match the version of EV down to the dot release

The EsaEVRetrieverService and the EsaEVCrawlerService need to have read access to all the vault stores on EV. Many people use the VSA account here but it is not necessary there are ways in EV to assign rights to the archives.


In the Clearwell interface you need to add the source account to collect from EV. This is done under All Collections then select the link for Sources.


Finaly you add the EV directory server (normally the first EV server installed) into System > Email Servers select Symantec EV from the dropdown list, enter the Directory server host name and click start Discovery


If you have done this and are still having issues check the EVCrawler_output.log and EVRetriever_output.log files under d:\CW\V712\logs for more details on the error



I did check both logs and the

I did check both logs and the error is 423300 which from what I've read is permission based.  Are there any instructions on specifically what read/write permissions this account needs?  Again I'm using the Vault Service account.

If your using the VSA account

If your using the VSA account then access to EV is not the issue. Is the VSA service account a member of the local admins on the Clearwell appliance ?