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Clearwell Preprocessing - de-dupe of outlook conversation history

Does Clearwell effectively de-dupe a series of conversations that build on each other via Lync 2013/Outlook?  For example, if I've started a chat with someone, then we go idle for 10 minutes, the conversation is saved in my Outlook Conversation History folder.  If we start chatting again, then I close the conversation window, the Conversation is saved again.  During preprocessing, will Clearwell de-dupe (i.e. remove the first conversation) before processing and review?

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Hello da57836, How are these

Hello da57836,

How are these to be ingested, are they as loose files (text/xml for instance)?

If this is the case I am not sure they would be de-duped on a conversation basis, the de-dupe would be against the file and the full file contents. On e-mails it works a bit different as with reply/forward we're able to determine this is the case from the structure.


Ingested as emails.  Skype

Ingested as emails.  Skype for Business / Lync 20013 posts conversations into the Outlook "Conversation History" folder as emails.  Auto-saved emails are added after 10 minutes, then if a conversation is picked back up later, then a new email is placed in that folder with the entire conversation in there.  So the last mail in a string would have the entire conversation, and is the only mail that should be fully processed and analyzed for review.

Hello da57836, I could test

Hello da57836,

I could test this for you if you can send me some examples, I'm not fully certain if this will or won't as it would depend on how it's formatted.

No, each individual email

No, each individual email (IM) is different and Clearwell doesn't "combine" them to dedup.