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Clearwell Searching Question

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Hi All,


New user to Clearwell and having issues in running searches.


In CW is there a way to search on a Parent level. Also is there a way to only review parent docs. So if you run a standard search and it brings up hits and attachments, is there a way to only review Parent docs AND Loose Docs.


Thanks for the help in advance.


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Hello K_RAZA, I've had a look through the documentation and played with advanced search, I couldn't find a way to do this.

You may be able to achieve something near this using the advanced search options and/or freeform searches, but I don't think it will be possible to get it exactly as you've mentioned.

It is worth raising a case for this if you haven't already, this way someone can give you a definite method or at least confirm what is possible.

If it's not possible, it's definitely worth raising it as an idea on the community - it sounds like a useful addition.

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This is not presently possible.


There are plans in the future to only return the responsive items but this wont only be the parent, It will be either the parent or the attachment depending on which item was responsive to the search criteria.

I would suggest raising this as an Idea so it will be reviewed by Product Managment and considered for a future release

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To restate this to sure I have it correct:

Search email only and not the attachments to emails. Search loose files.

It is possible but very tedious:
- create a tag Qualified
- set the Scope to Email
- do a Freeform search and limit it to Subject field or Body field or whatever other fields you need to search
- tag as Qualified
- search again with Scope set to Loose files and tag as Qualified
- retrieve the Qualified tag

I have not tested this, just my thoughts on how I would do it. You would need to conduct a test scenario to prove that this performs as you expect.

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A work around for this issue would be: run search, open in Review Mode, use the navigation option only in the center window (upper right of the document window above the link to discussions and find similar) this option moves on a document by document level instead of an item level when selecting a tag or the Previous/Next options in the tagging window.