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Clearwell error when viewing emails

Hello I'm sorta new to clearwell and we've been getting this error when attempting to read some collected emails


 Error retrieving content

[#10024] "Message referred by a URN could not be retrieved"



Any ideas?!


Thank you

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Hi, If you hover over the


If you hover over the icons in review for a given item, a pop will apear details where a specific item is believe to live in the source data, if you do this does the item exist where clearwell expects it to be ?

If the item is a PST/NSF is the file corrupt (
) ? can the item be opened in its native application (take a copy and do this)

in this example this file is in D:\SEC V TAMAS\DemoData\Collections\Corporate Execs\Tamas, Mike\User Fileshares\My Documents\Work Related

and the file is called 20120705075957493.pdf

Has the source data moved in anyway ?

I hope this helps.



Thank you for your quick

Thank you for your quick response.  I checked and the file location is correct and the .msg file is still in that same location as the details show.


I made a copy of the file in question and opened it and it opens correctly, no signs of curruption. 


I've re-proccessed that source and I'm still having the same issue. 

Where is the file stored. Can

Where is the file stored. Can you supply an example of the type of path.


Is it ia local drive, attached drive (from a san) or on a network drive on a NAS

Is this the only file you are having issues with retrieving?

Have you chnaged the drive letters or have you move the data to a new LUN then mounted this as the same drive letter


Some more details would be helpful

Hi, Some more


Some more thoughts...

Have you tried the basic's like restarting the CW services ? does the issue afftect all items ? is there anything comman about the problem items, same location ? same type of file ?

Are there any connectivity issues affecting the location where the data is located ?


What happens if you log onto the CW server using the service accounts, can you then access the source data ok ?

Has the password changed for any of the service accounts ?

Are all the accounts running ?

Is there a yellow warning triangle in the top right, if you click on this what does it say ?

Let us know so we can assist you further.




Has this issue been resolved?

Has this issue been resolved? If yes please post an update so everyone can learn. If not please let us help you by providing more information.



I believe this is because the

I believe this is because the source files were modified or removed.