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Clearwell not processing corrupt email files

Currently using Clearwell eDiscovery Platform version 7.1.5.  I added new data to the source data and discovered new files for source and some PST files were corrupt.  I replaced the corrupt PST files with files that are fixed and those files are now shown as to be processed in the Manage Sources tab.  I then performed the start processing without discovery and now these file sare still shown as "To be processed".

How can I get these PST files to process and reflect that in the Manage Sources tab?


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Hello Rick, They should be

Hello Rick,

They should be added to the same folder with a different name, for instance x_fixed.pst and the folder rediscovered, can you confirm if you've tried that?

Daly,   I placed the new data



I placed the new data in the same source folder and renamed the files but that still would not process the data.  We did a reboot on the server and that fixed the issue.