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Collection results discrepancy


I am adding a collection to a case and the total hits and collected items in the collection results of the job log are not the same, and it is saying zero items errored. ie: 14,515 total hits, 14,505 items collected, 0 errors.

I would be expecting 10 errors? 

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Hello tad_17, To confirm, the

Hello tad_17,

To confirm, the total hits is after you've processed the collection set? If not can you tell me where you're seeing this so I can try give you an answer?

If it's after you've processed the set and have done a search, did you have extraction of embeddings setup on processing options - it might account for the +10 seen in hits.

Hi Daly, The total hits I'm

Hi Daly,

The total hits I'm referring to is when the collection task has completed. Before I create a collection set and process it. The collection task is completing as successful, however I would expect it to be a Partial Success with 10 errors in the Uncollected Error log.  I'm looking at the collection results in the job log.



Hi Triona, Can you tell me

Hi Triona,

Can you tell me the source you were collecting from (Exchange, Enterprise Vault, FileShare, etc)?