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Hi all

Somehow my shortcuts to the commander and utility have become corrupted and the location they link to is not what it should be.

What is the file path of each of these so that I can recreate my shortcuts? I use v8.3.



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Re: Commander and Utility

Hi Dan,

Updated on Jan 22: mea culpa, I got the paths in the wrong order. The answer has been updated to reflect this.

For the Utility, the target is:



And for the Commander:

C:\jdk-8u121-windows-x64\bin\javaw.exe -jar D:\CW\V83\Myrmidon.jar

(This may of course be different if your eDP installation drive is something other than "D", and is also specific to the version of Java installed on your system. That part of the path has been italicized.)


Trust this helps..!


Erik T.


Re: Commander and Utility