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Indexer document count exceeded the maximum allowed limit

Level 4

Is there a way in Clearwell to increase the 10 million documents limit for indexing? We have bunch of PST files I am trying to index and there are about 30 million documents in them. If possible, I would like to be able to index all in one case. Thank you.

Indexer Processed 9,999,701 documents (619.44 GB)
Indexer Processed 10,000,820 documents (619.62 GB)
Indexer Terminating component due to errors: Indexer
Indexer ERROR : *** Gracefully shutting down the indexer as indexer document count exceeded the maximum allowed limit.


Level 5
Partner Employee Accredited Certified

Hi Ali_G,

Although a property does exist for the limit, changing may have negative consequences and leave the product in an unsupported state since it's never been tested with a greater value.

Details of this limit can be found on the following technote:

Kind regards,

Daly Whyte