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Installing Clearwell 8.2 in Windows Server 2012

Level 2

I am attempting to install Clearwell 8.2 on Windows Server 2012 and getting an error message that the install failes.

Error message is:  b install-services failed.  Run it manually in D:\CW\V82.  If Firewall should be enabled, run "b -x32 firewall disable' and 'b -x32 firewall enable'. Finally run b start services

There is not install services under d:\CW\v82.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.




Level 1

The correct command is "b start-services". This can also be accomplished by using the Clearwell Utility option 4 to start services.

Veritas eDiscovery Platform Support

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Hello bray2016,

I've seen a few posts from you regarding problems with your eDP 8.2 install. Did you get those problems resolved whether on your own or through support? If not, feel free to post here again with the state of your install and I'll see what I can do to assist.


Best Regards,
James Harris
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