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Intermittent Retrieval of Document

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I have a customer who has an issue retrieving documents.  It's not constant.  She will login to Clearwell, pull up the document list and messages will start giving her the error message [#10025] Mwssage referred by a URN could not be retrieved.  We then logged in as the service account used for retrieval to the Clearwell appliance and was able to access the directory path.  We then went back to Clearwell and we were able to retrieve the contents.

It works one minute then it doesn't.  They are not having any network issues.

Has anyone seen this?



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Hello bpr186,

What version of Clearwell and hotfixes?

I know you've stated it's not a network issue, but if you were to put known problematic documents on a local drive into a test case, would this also have the same issue? 

Are they mainly e-mails from PST or NSF? If so, it's worth checking the retriever logs in the logs directory to see whether it notes any problems at the time of the messages being retrieved.


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I agree with Dwhyte regarding the test if the item can be retrieved on a local disk


The fact that it is intermittant tells me it is something to do with the local environment. Have you checked the speed and duplex on the network ports to ensure it matches the network card settings. I have seen intermittant issues like this be caused due to speed or duplex mismatch or the poert and NIC set to Auto/Auto. the auto negotion of speed and duplex often fails and causes the ports to flap (go up and then down)