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LDAP Utility

Level 3

Does anyone know what the LADAP utility in the property browser is used for?  It apears to give you the ability to encrypt a text string but I can't find any reference to what it's actually used for?


Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified

Hi @AlanB2 ,

Apologies for the slow response here. 

The LDAP Utility feature would be used to encrypt the password defined in the System Property setting esa.ldap.connectionPassword for the user defined in the System Property esa.ldap.connectionName.

This feature can still be used to encrypt the password, but as of eDiscovery Platform 8.2, a new mechanism was added to encrypt the password when the System Property esa.ldap.connectionPassword is set where previously the encrypted password as generated by the LDAP Utility feature would be set with the legacy System Property setting esa.ldap.connectionPassword.enc.

So, basically when applying the System Property esa.ldap.connectionPassword, simply enter the password in clear-text and the password will be encrypted in the process. When viewed back, it'll be displayed as an encrypted value.

I hope that helps. 



Best Regards,
James Harris
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