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Need help with print or production to PDF of 1500+ documents in one package

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Hi, our legal team needs to provide a hard copy package to a senior counsel for final review of documents before the case goes to court.  We are being asked to print out 1500+ documents that have been reviewed/tagged in Clearwell.  Here's the problem:

- Using the Print function to PDF within Analysis & Review a) results in a massive file; b) does not incorporate embedded objects into the parent, such as logos and text which are broken out from an email message to separate attachments; c) makes a mess of printing Excel spreadsheets, printing them across many pages; and d) prints out a lot of other information that is not required as extra sheets.

- Using the Production export to PDF is much better as the file sizes are smaller, it handles embedded objects as part of the parent, and seems to do a better job of printing Excel spreadsheets.  However Production export to PDF produces one PDF file for each document.  As you can imagine, this will result in 1500 PDF files or more!

I have contacted Symantec tech support and they haven't provided any other solution.  I am surprised that this hasn't been requested already, it would seem to be a standard type of deliverable for Clearwell.  Does anyone out there have a solution? 



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Thanks for your comments.  Looks like there is no good solution.  I'll mark this as solved even though it isn't. 

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I should have added that the preferred deliverable would be one PDF file which can contain multiple documents and attachments, or even several PDF files if each of these could contain several hundreds of documents and attachments.

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I feel your pain and unfortunately I don't have a Clearwell solution to offer.

If you do the production output to PDF, you can batch files together using Acrobat Pro. It's fairly simple to do.

If you are going to do this often, I recommend looking at a true production solution that will handle all these problems with easy. LAW, iPRO and others will meet those needs.




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Been there and done that.  The best answer is to re-educate your senior reviewer about the advantages of online review and all the disadvantages of paper.  I know it's a lost battle but it has to be tried.  When that fails,

1. Production export to PDF as you said.

2. Unzip into a single folder.  Yes, it will be 1500+ PDFs.  That is not a limiting factor.

3. Bulk print the exported PDFs.  Depending on your operating system and the setup of your local print-servers, that can be as simple as Ctrl-A to select all the files, right-click and print.

Failing that, take your zipped production export to a local print shop and they can almost certainly run the bulk print for you.

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Thanks for your comments.  Looks like there is no good solution.  I'll mark this as solved even though it isn't.