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New to Clearwell..preprocessing question

Level 2

I am very new to Clearwell. I have been trying to get through it by using the documentation and trial and error.   I am running into a situation where I have psts that are reporting as not having write access.   According to the documentation, the psts  and nsfs must be write enabled in order to process through Clearwell.   Our IT person did tweak the permissions.  My question is how do you re-preprocess?  I ran them through processing with discovery but it looks like that didn't help. 

Is there a way to make these actually process?  And besides the little bar graphic is there any way to verify that they have done so.   I haven't had much luck searching for the items in the review platform.


thank you in advance


Level 6

You should be able to tell if they have been processed by the number of items available for review.  One thing to note:  if any email in a pst meets the search criteria then the entire pst is collected and all the emails will show in the review.  You'll need to do an advanced search in the analysis tab to identify only those emails that are responsive to the search terms.

Level 2

Where do I find the items available for review?   (very new to this) 

Level 3

Go to Sources & Processing
Open the batch by clicking the +
Open the sub folders by clicking the +
Look at the PSTs that failed to process (if there are any) and make sure Enabled is set to Yes
If it's set to No then checkbox them and in the bottom right choose Enable for Processing
Checkbox them again and in the bottom right choose Check Email File Integrity
Then once they pass that you close and select the top level folder only and checkbox it then choose Start Processing Source without Discovery

To check what loaded go to the Processing Status tab and choose the Processing Statistics tab. If you have more than one batch, hit the drop-down and select your batch. It will tell you what got loaded.
You can also return to the Sources & Processing tab and hover over the bars. It will tell you what's what.

To actually see your email go to the Analysis & Review tab and click GO. That will bring up all the email that has been loaded. To look at email for an actual batch go to Advanced Search. In the bottom left open up the Identifiers section and checkbox your batch in the Processing Batches section. Click Run Search.

I highly recommend getting some training. You are going to run into all kinds of grief without it.If you are doing litigation work, you process has to be defensible but before it can be that, you need a documented process.

I've been using Clearwell since 2008. I took the Clearwell University training this was prior to the Symantec acquistion. It was well worth the cost. I'm not sure what training is availble now but your sales rep can tell you that.