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ProccessingFailed - Skipped Due to errors

What does this error mean?  How do you correct it?  The file in question is a PST file that can be loaded and opened in Outlook.


Please advise.



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Hi Tina, There can be a

Hi Tina,

There can be a couple of causes for the error you encountered.  The PST may be password protected or corrupted.  ScanPST can somtimes repair the PST.   

What version of Clearwell are you on?  How large is the PST you are trying to process?

Yours truly,



Hello it's worth reviewing

Hello it's worth reviewing the logs in the logs directory, check out the PST* prefixed logs - it may give you a bit more specific information, although the pre-processing errors report should also help to identify what is going on.

I'll check the logs.  As for

I'll check the logs.  As for the PST being corrupted or password protected I've checked and confirmed that they are not.


I'll post back after I check the logs.  Thanks.